Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hitkrant, May 1983: ABBA only in the studio from now on

A 1983 article from Dutch magazine Hitkrant informing us that ABBA would not be seen outside of the recording studio any longer. In hindsight, they would not be seen together inside of the recording studio either.
The decision has been made. The ABBA-members Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Frida – and not forgetting the ABBA-empire headed by Stig Anderson – will not appear on stage anymore from now on. While there were still tentative plans for a tour last year, now it’s definitely out of the question, just like all other performances. ABBA will only get together in the recording studio from now on.

Frida regarding this decision: “Don’t get us wrong: all four of us think it’s just wonderful to get up on stage and get in contact with our audience through our music. But it just isn’t possible any longer. We all have our families, the boys both have young children at home and we think the long separations from them, while being on tour, are not acceptable anymore.”

But although all ABBA-members are going their own way at the moment, for the time being the group ABBA will stay together. Only: they won’t be seen together officially anymore outside of the recording studio. Also, the separate solo activities of the four ABBA-members have been the cause of the group’s decision to stop performing.
Björn: “It takes at least a year of preparation to go on tour and that means you can’t record an album during that time. Then you have to choose.”
ABBA may have decided not to appear on stage again, the rumours claiming that the group won’t last for much longer are definitely not true. ABBA goes on!


Anonymous said...

I do believe this was the true intentions with ABBA members dureing 83 too just work in the studio solely,Its just a shame they never did take that step again after 82 ): JS

George said...

Actually, in hindsight I'm glad Abba stopped when they stopped. If they continued and recorded something like 1985 songs Benny wrote for Gemini album, it would've been disaster and blemish on their impeccable pop reputation.

Michel said...

I also think they quit at the right time. In my opinion, some of their 1982 recordings already sounded uninspired. It was like there was nothing left to say after the dark and personal 'The Visitors' album, so they returned to trivial lyrics (f.e. 'You Owe Me One' and 'I Am The City').
The writing and staging of Chess took up most of Björn and Benny's time in the years following the 'break' and after that none of them seemed to feel motivated to get together again.