Friday, 10 October 2008

Hitkrant, February 1981: Frida and Benny are getting a divorce

They had been living together for years, ABBA’s Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Benny Andersson, when they decided to get married after all. That happened in 1978, secretly, but the marriage wouldn’t last for long: last week the couple decided to separate. ABBA consists of four singles again, instead of two couples.

According to reports from Stockholm, the decision to get divorced has been taken in all composure and agreement: “After serious consideration and with mutual agreement, we’ve decided to separate,” it is said. It was assured with emphasis that the decision will have no effect whatsoever on ABBA’s continued existence.

Already in 1979, we saw that ABBA’s activities don’t need to suffer because of the divorce of two group-members, when Björn and Agnetha went their separate ways. Besides, all plans are proceeding as usual: ABBA is busy with the recordings of a brand-new single that should be released at the end of March or the beginning of April. There will be no more singles lifted off the ‘Super Trouper’ album, except for ‘On And On And On’ that might be released as a single in Holland; March 3 is named as a possible date. Apart from that, Swedish and German television will produce an ABBA anniversary-TV-show together. After all, ABBA has now existed for 10 years and that’s going to be celebrated with a solid TV-special that will probably be hosted by the well-known American television-personality Dick Cavett. The special will be filled with live-recordings, films and interviews and recordings will start in April.

So there’s no need to be concerned: ABBA is very busy. The foursome has just returned from New York, where they oriented themselves on musicals and concerts (yet again, musical-plans?), and Benny and Björn are busy writing new musical material.
The results are excellent as well: the album ‘Super Trouper’ is breaking all sales-records. 1.700.000 copies in England, 800.000 in Germany, 400.000 in Canada, 550.000 in the USA. The single of the same name is not doing any less: one million copies sold in England, 450.000 in Germany, and the list goes on. ABBA goes on as well.


Bonnie said...

I remember this like it was yesterday. I blew my science test because of this! It's not easy being a 15 year old ;-)

Michel said...

I was 12 at the time and remember being astonished at this news. There had been no sign whatsoever that something like this was coming.