Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Studio, June 1984: ABBA The Movie on TV

A Dutch TV guide announcement of the broadcast of ABBA - The Movie.
Although ABBA officially still exists, there hasn’t been any group activity for a considerable amount of time. Together with Tim Rice, Björn and Benny are working on the musical Chess, that should be finished in January. In Paris, Frida has just completed the recordings for her second solo album, produced by Steve Lillywhite who also worked with U2, Big Country, Simple Minds and Joan Armatrading, among others. The album will be released in September. In the near future, Agnetha will start working on a second album, probably with 10CC’s Eric Stewart as her producer.
Whether the four will ever do something together again as ABBA remains a big question mark. How things were going in ABBA’s glory days can be seen once again coming Saturday in ABBA – The Movie. For the most part, this movie is a report of an Australian tour of the group in early 1977. In the middle of the concert footage, among which a gigantic open air performance in Sydney, there’s a little storyline about a reporter who wants to interview the group time and time again, but always shows up just a bit too late. Apart from that, first and foremost a lot of ABBA-hits.

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