Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Pop Biz, 1979: ABBA Live

Report about the 1979 tour from Dutch magazine Pop Biz.
ABBA is better than ever before. That’s the conclusion of the editorial staff members that followed the popular Swedish quartet close upon their heels during the past few weeks. We saw them in Canada, we talked to them in America and we saw them in Europe. Obviously, we were very curious about the response in America. Has ABBA now conquered this trend-leading pop country?

We see the group in concert for the first time in Anaheim/California, the fifth show since the start of their world tour in Edmonton/Canada. After a show of nearly two hours, in which practically all the hits were being performed, the group, tired but fulfilled, receives a thunderous applause. Despite this, Björn and Benny are not completely satisfied afterwards. Why is that?

Björn: “During the first hour, we were far too strained. Everything went according to plan, but we were paralysed with nerves. The audience doesn’t really notice, but the people from the media do.”
Benny: “Still, I’m satisfied with how the tour is proceeding. The first week is always difficult.”
Then why did they start their tour in America?
Benny: “We’ve talked about this for a long time. Should we start out in Europe to loosen ourselves up or burn loose in America right away. In the end, we went for the second option. We would have been nervous either way.”

The ABBA-ladies are willing to talk, but we are not allowed to take any pictures. They are still marked by fatigue. What did Agnetha think about the response in America?
Agnetha: “Up till now, it’s reasonably good. It’s safe to say that half of the audience consists of fans. But you will have to win the other half over with a good show.”
Was she stricken with nerves as well?
Agnetha: “I was scared to death that I’d loose my voice due to my nerves. America is really important to us. We won’t get a second chance.”


Iris said...

The Dutch magazines had amazing Abba stuff . It´s so nice of you to post all this here . Thank you .

Ivana said...

Very nice, but is Agnetha the ABBA ladies? What did Frida say? ;)))

Thank you for another set of fantastic articles Michel! :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all Michel, you are one of the best.
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a good new year 2010 and I`m looking forward to many articles from you !!!
Henriette v.D.

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