Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bravo, 1982: Frida's tricks at flirting

Is a girl able to get a tired man excited by wearing fancy clothes? That's the theme of the new ABBA single 'Head Over Heels'. Anni-Frid gives it a try with crazy straw hats, floor-length feather boas, lacey clothes from ancient times, but with knee-length baggy trousers and frilled blouses too.
But her husband - in ABBA's new video for the single 'Head Over Heels' played by Björn - isn't impressed at all. Bored and tired, he keeps fixed to his couch when Anni-Frid once again tries to put one of her flirt ideas into practice...
This story about the unlikely couple and her best friend is what Agnetha is singing about on the new ABBA single 'Head Over Heels', the video to which has been released recently.
In reality, things aren't as hectic for the four Swedes at the moment. Anni-Frid - who borrowed the crazy outfits for the promotional video from a friend - is still in the studio working on her solo album with her producer Phil Collins.

The album - on which Björn and Benny obviously have collaborated too as composers - is expected to be released in the late summer. For that matter, Agnetha is planning to record a solo album too this year. Meanwhile Björn and Benny are completely occupied by writing new songs for the next ABBA album.
But there's even more news on the ABBA front. On the side - between the microphone and the video camera - the 'One Of Us' singers got into the Swedish construction business worth many millions. Their record company Polar Music International - that is headed by ABBA manager Stig Anderson - recently made an offer to the Swedish construction material wholesalers Ahlsell (that has a staff of 2.600 employees) to buy at least 51 percent of its block of shares. ABBA wanted to put more than 80 million German Marks on the table for these shares, that would give them ownership of half of the company. But after the ABBA offer, the Stockholm stock exchange ceased the trading of the construction material shares.
As yet, ABBA already controls three companies that are listed at the stock exchange: the recreational company Monark, the real estate company Stockholm's Badhus and the investment corporation Kuben.

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Nice article. Very interesting that ABBA wanted to invest into a construction company.