Saturday, 11 February 2012

Joepie, 1978: In Paris, Mireille Mathieu was ABBA's guide

During a recent visit to the French capital - where they were guests in a series of programmes - the four ABBA members got a sympathetic and famous tour guide for their outing that was on their schedule after the programme: no other than Mireille Mathieu.
The French singer escorted her Swedish colleagues to a couple of museums and after that she took them to one of the top restaurants in Paris.
"I knew them already," according to Mireille. "I met them at a television broadcast in Los Angeles and we were the best of friends right away. It was a nice reunion in Paris. Benny told me in the dressing room that he had been in the French capital several times before but that he had never had the chance to actually see something of the world famous city. I suggested to go out together after the broadcast and they were all ecstatic about it. Benny - who seems to have an interest in art - wanted to visit a couple of museums first. And that's what we did. And after that we had a nice dinner! They were so enthusiastic about the menu that they asked the cook if he could share a couple of secrets from the French cuisine. And that man - who appeared to be an ABBA fan - went against his professional secret and brought them into his sanctum..."
Anna afterwards: "He gave me a couple of recipes that I'm going to try out right away when we get back home. Because it was finger licking good..."

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Monica said...

Cute story, thanks Michel for translating the articles.