Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bravo, 1977: A dreamlike movie with ABBA

That's the summer surprise from Sweden! In complete silence, Anna, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid have been filming a movie that should be out in the cinemas around Christmas. Working title: 'The Girl With The Golden Hair'. It contains scenes full of magic romance, but a lot of stage action as well and of course lots of ABBA hits. Bravo shows you the most beautiful photographs from this blockbuster and gives you an idea what it's all about...

"Of course you can't expect a crime story from us," Björn says about the ABBA movie. "Our feature film is a mixture of a documentary report and fantasy and it obviously contains a lot of ABBA music."
Just like with the Beatles movies, there is no strong plot. Instead there's a main character that leads you through the movie. It's an Australian radio DJ (played by Robert Hughes) that is assigned to get an interview with the Swedish group but encounters difficulties in his quest to get close to Anna, Anni-Frid, Björn and Benny. He tries to ambush the four Swedes in their dressing rooms, in their hotel and after their concerts. But ABBA is trying their best to get rid of the annoying intruder.

"No wonder that Robert is trying to escape in a dream world," Björn chuckles. "He has dreams about beating us in a golf tournament and about Anna pampering him at a picnic. And he imagines that Anna and Anni-Frid - like two fairies - get affectionate towards him after an interview. All of these scenes have been caught on film with a lot of feeling for romance. Unfortunately our DJ is carried back from his dreams into harsh reality everytime."
ABBA has been working on the movie since the spring. Most of the scenes where filmed during their world tour that took them to Australia. Their concerts at the London Albert Hall, in Sydney and Melbourne have been filmed. Extracts from these concerts will be inserted in the movie.
Björn: "At the moment we are editing the scenes in the cutting room until we end up with a ninety minute movie. Apart from that we are working on a new album that will be the soundtrack to the movie. Our movie should be released in the cinemas - in Germany too - around Christmas."


Monica said...

It is a shame really how much of the actual concert footage was left out of the movie. I really don't care for the story line of the DJ running around throughout the movie.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off: "Anna" !! Still in 1977!

Monica said...

Wow someone is really touchy today!!!:o)

Rhonda said...

Agnetha was called "Anna" because her name was alledgedly hard to say.
I can never think of the names Anna and Frida seperately now.
I remember at school people called them "Anna and Frida"
I don't think she minded being called "Anna"

Michel said...

Agnetha herself said in the 1978 Japan special that 'Agnetha' was very hard to pronounce so you could call her 'Anna'.

Anonymous said...

Flashes of the way life use to be...having fun.