Thursday, 12 July 2012

Joepie, 1977: ABBA off to America for good?

In America, it's buzzing with rumours that ABBA is allegedly planning to move to Los Angeles - the centre of the superstars - for good. It is said that Stig Anderson, the manager of the group, has made use of the quiet period that followed after filming for the movie was completed to travel to Los Angeles and look for suitable residences over there. Officially, ABBA doesn't want to talk openly about this subject yet, but it has become a public secret that ABBA is tired of having to pay so much taxes to the Swedish government.


Monica said...

I am really glad they didn't move to LaLa Land it would not have been good for them.

Gabriel said...

According to Carl Magnus Palm (''Bright Lights, Dark Shadows''), it would have been only for inspirational purposes, a few months each time. I think it would have been good for Abba, good for their music, good for us. Remember it was 1977. America was high on the music scene.