Sunday, 28 October 2012

1977: ABBA, Swedish supergroup

The amount of money that ABBA is making at the moment simply can't be estimated any longer. Indeed, this quartet and their manager Stig Anderson have total contral over their own businesses: the production of their records, the publishing of their music, their tours, films, rights to book publishing, you name it. This means that they are making as much money as possible themselves. Not too long ago, the group signed a major deal with the American giant in the record industry WEA and the amount of money they received as an advance payment is not even known by the CIA.
Besides, they just have to make an enormous amount of money to be able to afford themselves so much luxury in a country where the tax collector is claiming up until 93 percent of their yearly income. Among other things, ABBA has invested in houses, apartments, their own production company (and they are about to build a studio that might very well become the most advanced studio in the whole world!).
Among other things, the foursome has a fast sports car, an amazing sailing yacht and an island, where they find the much-needed peace and quiet. But they are obliged to make their most important investment in the Swedish government.

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Hurrah, hurray . . . they want build a studio . . . too bad the article is of 1977 :o(

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