Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hitkrant, 1980: Super Trouper album review

“Yeah, yeah!” I hear everybody saying. “The new ABBA-album: Hitkrant will probably make it Album of the Week again!” Listen, I really can’t help it: once again, ‘Super Trouper’ turned out to be a quality product, a sublime album that many, so called ‘serious’, pop-groups don’t even come close to. The familiar complaints of ABBA being commercial or plastic are nonsense; ABBA simply is a serious pop-group.
Björn and Benny’s surefire compositions and the musically perfect and inspired execution of all, I repeat: all songs, make sure that ‘Super Trouper’ is a new milestone in the ABBA-journey.
Examples: the marvellous, folk-inspired ‘The Piper’, ‘On And On And On’ (gets stuck in the groove), ‘Our Last Summer’, sung beautifully by Frida, ‘Me And I’, that could be the next hit. Next hit? There are ten of those on this album!
I rate this four and a half, because five means ‘can’t get any better’ and it seems that ABBA is capable to do better with every album.

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