Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Pop Foto, 1977: Why Agnetha cried silently...

Another hilarious article from Dutch magazine Pop Foto that's bound to make you roar with laughter.
She was fed up with it. She was so terribly fed up with it all that tears were running down ABBA’s Agnetha’s cheeks. For weeks she had been pushed back and forth with her pregnant belly and still everyone was snapping at her. For the ABBA-movie Agnetha would do almost anything, but this just went a bit too far for her!

“Come down now, dear, you will be all right!” Björn was standing at the bottom of the high stepladder and shouted impatiently at his wife. Everyone had been being impatient with her lately. Why couldn’t they just leave her alone? Agnetha felt the tears welling up in her eyes. A sad feeling got hold of her throat. Couldn’t they all understand that she wasn’t able to do everything as quickly, now she had been pregnant for six months. Certainly not rushing off a high and shaky stepladder! A big teardrop was running down her cheek, and another one. Björn was swinging the stepladder to and fro. “Would you hurry up!” he shouted angrily from beneath. Agnetha stood still, clenched her fists and held her breath. She would love to be at home right now, to prepare herself peacefully for her second child. But instead, everyone shouted at her and she hardly saw her little daughter Linda... Her back was aching and her legs were shaking from exhaustion. “Shove it!” she suddenly yelled furiously. “You can all shove it with your stupid movie!” With one stroke she ruined her smudged make-up and sat down at the top of the stepladder, sobbing silently!

“But, but...” a startled Björn stuttered. “Shut your mouth and get her off that stepladder, mister,” Annifrid snapped, whose attention had been caught by Agnetha’s furious exclamation. “Don’t you understand this is all too much for her? You guys seem to think that having a baby is just a piece of cake!” She pulled Björn into the shiny metal elevator that went up from the film studio. “And you are taking her home right now, you hear,” Annifrid growled, just before the elevator doors opened and Björn helped his exhausted Agnetha up, “because when she breaks down, things will be a lot worse!”
Ten minutes later the giant film studio was deserted. Agnetha and Björn had rushed home in a limousine and Annifrid, Benny and a couple of photographers and camera men, all worn out, drank coffee from plastic cups. The outcome of a day’s filming: a few recorded scenes, some photographs for Pop Foto, an exhausted cast...
“It’s all very strainful,” Annifrid beamed, “and we will have to spare Agnetha a little more, but that movie will be finished, you can bet on that!”
Do you want to know more, or actually everything, about this ABBA-movie, that will be in the cinemas at the end of this year? A movie, in which ABBA is pursued by an Australian pop-journalist, who’s after a juicy ABBA-story. Make sure that you don’t miss the next issue of Pop Foto!


Diana said...

poore Agnetha!can you translate the article in romanian?

Unknown said...

Aww, poor bby :(