Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hitkrant, December 1980: Agnetha and Frida singing with chop sticks

According to this report, ABBA wanted to record a song in Chinese for their tour of that country. In reality, ABBA sang parts of I Have A Dream in Japanese with a children’s choir when they toured that country in 1980.
Believe it or not, but before too long ABBA is going to record a song in Chinese! It is generally known that the group is making preparations to travel to China in the near future to perform a couple of charity concerts over there.
Since Benny and Björn are two perfectionists, they want to be able to perform a song in Chinese.
Writing the song itself won’t be much of a problem and neither will the lyrics, because you can get a Chinese to translate them, but the pronunciation will be!
Agnetha and Frida can brace themselves.

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