Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tros Kompas, June 1985: The story of ABBA

TV-guide announcement of the repeated broadcast of The story of ABBA. It featured one of the last joint interviews with the four group members and it was first broadcast on December 12, 1982. I remember this well since this was my birthday and I couldn't be part of the celebrations because obviously I had to watch this...
1974. ABBA wins the Eurovision Song Contest. The breakthrough of a Swedish group. After that, the foursome conquers the world by storm. At a high pace, ABBA makes extremely successful records, promotional videos, movies, concert tours and is even successful in the business world.
Agnetha Fältskog: “How happy we all were in the beginning. We were just married and had an unbelievable success. Of course, this couldn’t last. For years, we were together 24 hours a day and worked like madmen. Even during our holidays, Björn and Benny kept on composing songs. In the end, it all got too much.”
The result is widely known: the ABBA-couples separated and the group was dissolved some time later. Because of its overwhelming success, the fantastic ABBA-story is brought to the screen again tonight by Veronica.

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