Monday, 14 February 2011

Joepie, 1978: ABBA off to Japan

Just like everywhere else in the world, a lot of ABBA records are being sold in Japan as well. But oddly enough, until recently the four Swedes never received an invitation from Japanese television, they even started to wonder what they had done wrong. But they don’t need to ask themselves that question any longer, because in November they will travel to Tokyo to film a television special.
“I’m already looking forward to this trip,” according to Benny. “We’ve never been there before, and I’ve already heard so many good things about Japan. The show that’s going to be filmed there will last approximately one hour. And obviously, a couple of tracks from the new album will have their premiere too...”


Anonymous said...

Hello, Michel, you have a great collection of articles! That's a shame the most of them have some wrong informations (what make them unreliable). But there are that articles in which we can trust at all and you have publish quite a few of them. Thanks a lot!
We'd like to know if you have a Frida article from January 1978 that's about her favorite books. It was published by Swedish paper "Expressen".
Lots of people including me are crazy to read that article, but we have never seen it anywhere. Could you please posting it some day here? We would enjoy it a lot.

Greetings from ABBA fans around the world

Michel said...

Hi, thanks for your appreciation. Sadly, I do not have the Expressen article you are referring to, most articles on my blog are from Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Anonymous said...

No problem, thanks for the answer!