Friday, 25 February 2011

Joepie, 1979: Björn reveals the truth about his divorce from Agnetha

Ever since Agnetha and Björn got divorced, the wildest rumours are circulating about this half of ABBA. But what is actually the truth about this matter? For the first time, Björn agreed to reveal the truth about his former wife and fellow ABBA member and himself.

Björn gets straight to the point in the exclusive conversation we had with him about this subject. To be exact, there is a lot of fuss about the so-called new girlfriend...
“Lena Källersjö is a girl that I have known for many years because she works at a record company in Stockholm,” he says. “But to claim that she would be my girlfriend because of that, is of course pure nonsense. We met recently at a party. We talked to each other and coincidentally there was a photographer around who took a picture of us. That’s how the rumours started about an affair...”
What’s the truth about the psychiatrist with whom Agnetha allegedly fell in love and who would be the cause of your divorce?
“That psychiatrist is named Hakan Lonnbak. He has a practice in Stockholm and Agnetha and I consulted him from October 1978 onwards. We hoped that he could help us out with our problems. But he didn’t succeed. But not because Agnetha fell in love with him. That’s nonsense. They are not living together either, as some magazines would have you believe.”
In Switzerland, you were linked with Liz from Boney M...
“That’s an even crazier story. We met Boney M. in Switzerland while filming an international television show. ABBA and Boney M. stayed at the same hotel and it’s obvious that we got along as colleagues. Also during the long waiting time before the actual filming. Apart from that, Liz is a great girl who likes to have fun all the time. So we laughed a lot with the entire Boney M. gang and I even danced with Liz a couple of times. For some reporters, that was enough to start talking about an affair. But there wasn’t more going on between us than friendship.”
Are you already divorced officially?
“Yes, completely official, with a verdict by the judge and everything that goes with that. It may sound strange, but since then I get along with Agnetha better than before.”
Is it true that the new ABBA album got postponed because of these private problems?
“Perhaps the divorce was a factor, after all, these times aren’t easy. The explanation is much simpler: initially Benny and I thought that the songs we had composed for the new album weren’t good enough. We kept working on them until we were completely satisfied, primarily because we know that our fans expect something special from us time and time again.”
Is it true that you two are arguing about the children?
“Not at all, we have come to an agreement that’s satisfying for both of us. The children will stay with Agnetha, but I will be able to see them whenever I have the time or need. We will both be involved in their upbringing as well.”
Wasn’t the ABBA tour endangered by your problems?
“No, it wasn’t. First, we will take a holiday and when we get back we will determine in which countries and places we want to perform. As you know, we will start a major tour in America in the autumn, but after that it’s Europe’s turn, with performances in Belgium and Holland as well. That will probably take place in October.”
Allegedly, ever since your divorce, you are playing the happy bachelor again, the partygoer who’s crazy about girls.
“I don’t agree at all. In nature, I’m a couch potato who is most at ease within the four walls of his home. I actually don’t go out more than I used to do. Maybe it’s more conspicuous now, because photographers are waiting to take pictures wherever I show myself in public and they love it even more when I’m in female company. Everyone is lurking around to take the picture of my new girlfriend. This gives the impression that I’ve suddenly become a playboy.”
It is also claimed that Benny isn’t very happy because he is convinced that your divorce isn’t doing ABBA any favours.
“That’s not true. Benny understands our divorce very well. He has gone through it himself before. I don’t believe that our fans will blame us for taking this decision. On top of that, this is purely a private matter that’s actually only our own concern. What is important, is the music that we are making.”


Monica said...

Very interesting how Bjorn comments about his time with his children as when he has the time or the need to see them. Very interesting statement. But I do take into account it is translated from different languages also. But a very open and direct response to some the rumours out there at the time.

Alice said...
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Alice said...

What about the young girl who happened to be in the audience while you were singing does your mother know

Pete said...

Poor Agnetha deserved better than him

Italia Vin said...
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Italia Vin said...

Correction: Funny, he ended up living with Lena and marrying her. So was this interview earlier or was he denying?

Women have it harder because there is always another woman ready to jump in.

Douglas said...

I can't comment on what happened, but I am encouraged by what they both did for the children. They were both great individually as I see it and it seems they got on much better after the split. The children therefore did not suffer from argument and discontent. Agnetha was great. Hug! Love to both of you.

Unknown said...

I have always loved this couple since i was a teenager back then in Africa and was very touched by the lyrics of tgeir music, more especially S.O.S. I just wish Agnetha and Bjorn can come back as a couple? Age is nothing. Bjorn could have been a little more tolerant
with Agnetha. I love their coming back. Agnetha and Bjorn make a wonderful couple till tomorrow ❤❤❤❤❤

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I think he is denying the true facts of Whats he did. He cheated & apparently he did it mire than once.