Sunday, 4 September 2011

1977: Anni-Frid's insecurity

Actually, we have only read positive reviews about the ABBA movie up till now, at least where it concerns the singing actors or the acting singers. This has pleased Anni-Frid (left on the picture) a great deal because she was still dealing with a big inferiority complex when it came to acting. In the past, she wanted to become a movie star and to achieve that goal she appeared on an audition for girls that were asked for a part in the children's movie 'Elvis Elvis'. On that occasion, she wasn't chosen for the part. According to her at the time - and she still feels this way - because she had been too nervous.
She wasn't bothered by any nervousness this time, although the other three people around her had done this kind of work before - with success. Benny has acted in a movie before with the group Hep Stars. Björn spent his time as a musician in studios where movie and television cameras were rolling and 'mother' Agnetha played the part of Mary Magdalene in the Swedish version of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.
Director Lasse Hallström was happy with the experience of these people because the idea for a complete feature film has been growing slowly and he didn't have much trouble letting his 'actors' grow in the parts they had to play. And that was best put into words in the song 'Hole In Your Soul', of which song the first few bars serve as an introduction in this movie.


Monica said...

I wonder what the author meant by saying "mother" Agnetha? That confused me somewhat. It is a shame there wasn't more footage of ABBA and less of the guy running around through out the movie?!

Michel said...

I guess the word 'mother' was inserted because Agnetha had just given birth to Christian.

Monica said...

Ok Michel that sounds logical thank you.

Fridalicious said...

I am always careful as to what information is given in various articles, but I do love the picture that I've never seen before. :D