Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hitkrant, 1978: ABBA rebuilt a cinema into a studio

Just think about it: a pop group buys a sports centre with adjoining cinema worth twenty million Dutch guilders. After that, they rebuild the property into one of the biggest and most modern recording studios in the world. Then that group would have to make a great deal of money. But then again, this mixed double is something special. They are called ABBA.

Recently, Benny, Björn, Anni-Frid, Agnetha and not least their manager Stig Anderson gave a private party to mark the occasion of the opening of this recording studio.
The press - including the Hitkrant of course - couldn't believe their eyes. Never before had they seen so much electronic devices!

The studio - that is located in one of the main streets of Stockholm - has a mixing console with more than 3.500 buttons that are connected to the rest of the equipment with 200 kilometres of flex!
The studio itself is divided into five different rooms that all have their own resonance. Since every room has its own mixing console, the group is able to play together, while the vocal parts and the instruments can be recorded separately.
ABBA is planning to rent the studio to other artists as well. In the near future, a two-page spread advertisement will be published about this in the American trade journal Billboard Magazine. Because - as you all probably know already - ABBA means making money as well!

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Monica said...

It is a shame that the studio couldn't be saved. All that energy put into creating a lovely studio and eventually it comes to the end.