Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bravo, October 1979: In the morning in bikini, in the evening on stage

This article is almost identical to the previous one (even the text is nearly the same). Only, this one is from German magazine Bravo and it features different pics.
In the pic of Agnetha trying on sunglasses, tour promotor Thomas Johansson is mistaken for Benny.
On September 10th it kicked off: with an entourage of 60 people ABBA started their extensive tour of North-America and Europe. The first two weeks, the Swedish group celebrated triumphs in Canada and the north-west of the USA. Then they came to California.
And there, under the everlasting Los Angeles sun, they inserted their first recovery-break. They installed themselves for a week at the well-known Hotel Sunset Marquee, that is favoured by many rock-stars. And from this venue, they flew to their concerts in the vicinity every afternoon: Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco. All with their private jet, a Hawker Jet, that once was owned by the famous billionaire Howard Hughes. Mostly around two o’clock at night they would return to their hotel...
And there, at Sunset Marquee, Bravo had the opportunity to experience ABBA totally private for once. Every morning, all four ABBA-members with their five children could be found at the swimming pool. They swam, sunbathed, oiled each other up with suntan oil – in other words – under the Californian sun they recovered from all the strains of their super-tour.
They especially enjoyed being able to go out shopping on the nearby Sunset Strip, without being recognized. Indeed, the ABBA-songs are known in the USA, but the members themselves are relatively unknown. Up ‘til now they’ve only been seen twice on US TV-screens. But there’s no doubt about it that this will change drastically after the ABBA-tour. Like everywhere else in the world, ABBA will then be hunted for autographs over there as well...