Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hitkrant, October 1982: Frida tapes promotional film in Holland

Dutch magazine Hitkrant published an article about the filming of Frida's video To Turn The Stone, taped in Holland during her promotional visit for Something's Going On. The article contains a few rare pics from behind the scenes.
An obvious question for Frida when she visited our country last week: “Why did you tape the promotional film for your new single ‘To Turn The Stone’ here in Holland?” The answer: “I wish I could say it’s because I think Holland is such a beautiful country. But the truth is that I happened to be in Holland anyway and couldn’t find the time to tape the film elsewhere.” Now, at least that’s honest.

The filming took place in the Cine Video Studios in Almere and although it was kept top-secret, there still were a few fans who found out about it; how they manage to do that, remains a mystery! TopPop-director Bert van der Veer was given the honour to direct Frida’s film and in the meantime you have been able to see the end-result. Especially for you, exclusively for Hitkrant: here’s a look behind the scenes.

Arrival in Almere; Frida greets one of her devoted fans.
Three fans were allowed to be present at the filming: Anja Böing, Liesbeth Elbertsen and Pat Ashton. On the right: Frida’s manager and vice-president of Polar Music, Görel Hanser.
Of course, make-up had to be re-applied during filming. Here’s Frida handling her lipstick.
Director Bert van der Veer tells Frida how he wants things to be: at an occasion like this he is obviously the one who calls the shots. To each his own.
At the Cine Video Studios there’s a white wall; all artists who have been there autographed it. Obviously, Frida’s autograph had to be there as well.
Lunch-break. Frida and Bert take a rest, a sandwich and a cup of coffee and discuss the results so far.
There’s still some time to sign Frida’s album: a niece of someone at the record-company was lucky enough to get through to the singer for a moment.
So, this is it: after the filming Frida and Bert pose together with the members of the film-crew who worked on the film. On their way to a new success.
This is how you have been able to see Frida in the film for ‘To Turn The Stone’, in the full setting, as it’s called in video-circles.
It’s hard work, filming a promotional film of just a few minutes; everything must go according to plan and Frida must come off at her best.

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