Sunday, 29 June 2008

Pop Foto, December 1979: Who talks about quarrels within ABBA?

This article is showing lots of private snapshots from behind the scenes of the 1979 tour, meanwhile also reassuring fans that all is well in ABBA-camp.Who talks about quarrels within ABBA? About tensions, irreconcilable differences or even a possible break-up? That’s certainly inconceivable. Even more so when you have seen the four and their loved ones on one of the few days off during their major world-tour...

Agnetha, all giddy, is goofing around with her six year old daughter Linda in the swimming pool. Linda has just learned how to swim, but is still holding on tightly to her mother as much as possible. When she’s had enough of swimming, mummy Agnetha takes a seat on a comfortable couch next to Lena, Björn’s new girlfriend. Björn himself is watching it all, sitting relaxed at the poolside. A little further away, we see Benny getting everybody laughing, by putting a big spider on the bare back of one of the members of the ABBA-band. Meanwhile, Annifrid is walking through the whole scene with a broad smile, chatting away here and there. That afternoon in the sunny backyard of the Sunset Marquee Hotel in Los Angeles, it becomes clear that it’s virtually impossible that there are enormous quarrels and unbearable tensions in the ABBA-camp. The children flew in for a few days from Stockholm. The ultra-fast private jet, rented especially for the ABBA-concerts at the American Westcoast, will stay put for 24 hours. Just for a moment, there will be no working, only having fun.
“The atmosphere within the group is now better than ever,” is what Björn would later state after the ABBA-concert in Holland. And he might just be right about that.
“Us, breaking up? That’s absolute nonsense! We couldn’t, even if we wanted to. This business is addictive,” says Benny.
A couple of hours later, the pool area is deserted. ABBA has gone out shopping at the big warehouses in Los Angeles. “At least here we can still walk the streets virtually unnoticed. Here in the States they’ve only seen us twice on television. It feels good not to be hounded by fans, for once,” Björn says. “But still, we’d rather see that the other way around as soon as possible!”

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