Sunday, 19 December 2010

Das Freizeit-Magazin, December 1976: ABBA wishes you a Merry Christmas

1976 has been the most successful year for the four Swedish pop singers Björn, Benny, Anna and Anni-Frid. Never before did you show so much enthusiasm for a group as you did with ABBA. The quartet is saying a heartfelt thank you to all the Magazin readers for that.

The ABBA headquarter in the upscale diplomatic neighbourhood of Stockholm was decorated festively. This time, Anni-Frid, Benny, Björn and Anna didn’t talk about their upcoming performance dates, but they were having a discussion about how to thank the loyal Freizeit-Magazin readers.
“After all, the readers have contributed to the fact that we are now one of the most successful groups in the world,” Benny says.
Despite their countless appointments, they have taken the time for a thank you. During this celebration, Anni-Frid was the Queen of Lights.

“Here in Sweden, the Queen of Lights is something like Baby Jesus in Germany,” Anna explains. “Then we lit the candles on Anni-Frid’s crown of lights and we sang a song together, a musical thank you to all our fans. Obviously, we will celebrate Christmas again in a private gathering.”
At Christmas, the foursome will be able to let off steam to the top of their bent. There are even home-baked delicacies.
Benny says with light sorrow: “Christmas is the only time when we actually have some time for ourselves. That’s why we surprised the Magazin readers beforehand with a poster in issue number 50. Christmas is completely dedicated to the family. Once again, a Merry Christmas to our numerous friends from Magazin. There won’t be any interviews until next year. We deserve a break. Friends should understand this,” he adds astutely.
After Christmas, it’s back to business again for ABBA. They are rehearsing for their German tour, that will kick off on February 2. There will be concerts in Berlin, Cologne, Essen and Hamburg.


Monica said...

I can't imagine all the different directions these four people were constantly pulled in during those 12 years together. I say 12 years because they were together since 1970 even though they were not called ABBA at the time.

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