Sunday 8 September 2013

Bravo, 1979: Agnetha: in love with an ice hockey player... and that's Björn's new love interest

Finally they are beaming again! Agnetha and Björn, who caused rumours about the group splitting up because of their private crisis, seem to be completely changed by love. Bravo describes how it all came to be...

It happened at the discotheque 'Atlantik' in Stockholm: at the beginning of this year a party had been organised that was attended by Swedish stars, athletes and other celebrities.
Agnetha, who had separated from Björn only recently, was rather depressed at the time and actually only attended the event to distract her mind. The break-up with Björn after almost eight years of marriage had been harder on her than she wanted to admit.
She hoped to spend a couple of uncomplicated, cheerful hours at the Atlantik party. Her mind wasn't set on flirting at all. But all of a sudden there was this good looking, tall guy in front of her who asked her to dance. They danced together once, twice, three times and suddenly it happened to Agnetha: she had fallen in love head over heels with the 29-year-old Lars Erik Erikson (he is the same age as she is)...
After having kept her romance a secret for several weeks, Agnetha now openly acknowledges her relationship with the ice hockey player: "I'm serious about Lars Erik. We meet on a regular basis and get along wonderfully." Lars Erik mostly drives to his training sessions in Agnetha's car, a BMW. He still has his own place in Enskede near Stockholm but it's only a matter of time before the couple will move in together.
So who is this Swede, that managed to break the ice with Agnetha so rapidly? Lars Erik plays with the first rate ice hockey team Tre Kronor 1977. However, he hasn't managed to get into the national team yet. No wonder: from his previous team Brynäs he has the reputation of being more interested in discotheques and girls than in serious training sessions. And he doesn't see his future in ice hockey: he wants to a be gymnastics teacher and at the side he is studying English and Biology. He has already completed half of his studies but he is still four semesters away from his civil-economic exams. He shares one hobby with Agnetha: music. Lars Erik likes to play the guitar.
Björn has found a new girlfriend as well. Her name is Lena Källersjö and she already moved in with him in his mansion in Lidingö. Both of them don't make a secret of the fact that they love each other. Their love affair started at a social function as well: they got to know each other at a party that was hosted by Anni-Frid and Benny. Lena and Anni-Frid are good friends.
The fact that Agnetha and Lena like each other too contributed to the enhancement of the atmosphere within the group after a long period of troubles brewing. Just like Agnetha and Björn, Lena is taking care of both children Linda and Christian from the ABBA marriage as well.
Since the sun is shining again with ABBA, the four of them are able to deny in a credible manner the latest rumours about the group (rumours that claim that from next year onwards only Anni-Frid and Agnetha will be seen on stage while Björn and Benny will only concentrate on producing the songs behind the scenes). Björn: "Our new goal is our autumn tour that will take us to Germany as well in November. And indeed the way the fans want to see us: as a foursome."