Saturday 31 January 2015

1977: Finally the ABBA-baby has arrived! Congratulations!

Sweden's supergroup has had an addition to the family. In a Stockholm hospital blonde Agnetha gave birth to a healthy baby after a ten month pregnancy. Here are the first pictures of the happy parents with their baby.

ABBA's latest hit weighs exactly grams and measures already a proud 54 centimeters. After a ten month pregnancy blonde Agnetha finally gave birth to her baby at the Danderyd hospital in Stockholm.
"Actually the birth was pre-estimated to take place at the beginning of November," the ABBA girl says, "but when it turned out that the baby allowed itself plenty of time I was getting very anxious."
Her doctor in charge: "A rare occurence." But the baby is as fresh as a daisy, healthy and cheerful.
"A strong little boy," beams husband Björn who didn't leave his wife's side during the delivery.
"I was very happy that Björn was there because the delivery took about eighteen hours and was very, very difficult," Agnetha reveals and Björn adds: "It was more difficult than ten concerts - for me too -, but a thousand times better. Now we are just very happy that everything went well."

In the meantime, Agnetha and her son have returned to the beautiful mansion on the outskirts of Stockholm. Anxiously awaited by their little daughter Linda to whom the little ABBA brother seemed like a personified Baby Jesus.
"The next few months I will be staying at home, to take care of myself," Agnetha fends off all hopes of a speedy performance of the Swedish supergroup in Germany. "My health and my family are more important to me than my career. I hope everyone will understand that."