Monday, 2 June 2008

Pop Foto, March 1983: Now it's the moment of truth

Benny, Björn, Frida and Agnetha are facing uncertain times. Without performances, TV-shows and, for the time being, without a new album, ABBA has to stay on top. It will be more difficult than ever for the group...

The four members of ABBA don’t look especially cheerful. These top-performers seem to have a legitimate reason. Benny explains: “Over ten years ago, when ABBA started, we were full of expectations. We didn’t have anything in those days. No hit, no gold records. What we did have, was dreams. In the meantime all those dreams have come true. So, what else is there to achieve for us in pop-music?” Annifrid looks at her ex-husband understandingly, and says: “Benny’s story may sound a little negative, but of course he is right. We have worked very hard and we’ve been rewarded for that. At the moment we’re just a little tired of all this hard work.”
“A sort of spring-tiredness,” says Björn jokingly. “Surely we will get over it,” says blonde Agnetha optimistically. “After all, we have overcome much harder times in ABBA’s ten years. We are people, that will do everything to do it right. That’s why we have decided to slow down with ABBA-activities the coming months. No TV-shows, no performances and, for a while, no recording studio either. That may be the way to regain our strength and come back stronger than ever!”

Benny: “There’s one thing we’re afraid of, and that is the audience might forget about us when we’re not in the limelight for a while. All those years we have been the centre of attention every few months. If it wasn’t a new single, it would be a tour or TV-performance. But things will get quieter around the group." Again, Agnetha is the most hopeful of the four, when she says: “I’m not worried about that at all. I think ABBA has done so much for the audience, that fans will understand, now we ask a little patience of them! Because when we eventually will come back, it will be with something really good. That’s something we are known for.”

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