Saturday, 27 December 2008

Muziek Parade, 1977: ABBA-special

Well, actually not really an article, but the pics are nice. This is an ABBA-special from Dutch magazine Muziek Parade, published in 1977. The special featured pics by German photographer Bubi Heilemann. When completely folded out, it had a large ABBA-poster on the backside. Some of the pics shown here are not in Bubi's 2004 book, or alternate shots.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michel
Thankyou for these very special rare pics there fantastic,Thankyou also for all your hard work in translateing and makeing these rare articles and pics available for all too see on your blog,I wish yourself and all the visitors a very special New year!
Best Wishes Johnsteven

Michel said...

Thank you, Johnsteven, for your kind comment. Nice to hear you're enjoying my blog!
Happy New Year to you as well!