Monday, 13 April 2009

Story, 1984: Frida is putting ABBA's comeback to a standstill

This article was published in Dutch gossip magazine Story, shortly after Björn, Benny and Frida had appeared at the Dutch Platengala.
“It’s not over yet for ABBA,” is what Björn and Benny are saying. According to the men there will be a new ABBA-album eventually. The biggest obstacle however is Frida. She seems to be the spoil-sport.

“Officially, we never put an end to ABBA. At some point in the future, we will release an album again,” according to Björn Ulvaeus.
Benny Andersson adds to that: “I think that ABBA will be heard of again in one or two years time. It also depends on Agnetha and Frida’s solo careers.”
By saying that, Benny touches upon the big obstacle, however without saying it clearly. Frida seems to be the spoil-sport. She’s putting an ABBA comeback to a standstill.
“Because Frida is living in London, we’re not in touch with her very often,” says Benny, her former husband. “It’s so much fun to run into her once again here in Holland. But unfortunately these occasions are very rare. On the other hand, we see much more of Agnetha. At least three times a week. Of course that’s due to the fact that she remained living in Sweden.”
Apart from that, the blonde singer’s solo career didn’t take off as successfully as Frida’s. The latter has a lot of success with her solo records and therefore doesn’t feel the need to take up the thread of ABBA again.
“No doubt it will happen at some point,” Frida confirms. “ABBA has never been dissolved officially. We didn’t feel the need to do that. However, at the moment I’m far too busy with my own career. That’s the most important thing for me now. Apart from that, I’m having a great time in London. ABBA is not very important for me at the moment.”

In all honesty, it has to be said that Björn and Benny are far from occupying themselves with ABBA these days. They’d rather talk about ‘Chess’, the musical they have written. They are very curious how the general public will take to this new project, that will have its premiere in 1985. “Maybe our lives will take a different turn because of ‘Chess’,” says Björn, as if he is carefully trying to suggest the end of ABBA. “Maybe ‘Chess’ will be the first incentive to even more musicals, who knows. When it comes to Benny and me, we’d love to. Actually, there’s nothing we’d rather do than writing and composing. We’re enjoying working in the studio much more than performing. But obviously we’ll have to wait and see which fate awaits ‘Chess’.”
Not without reason, the ABBA-men decided to have their first try-out in Amsterdam recently. “Holland has always been very important to us,” according to both Swedes. “We’ve had many hits here with ABBA. Every time that a record became a success in Holland, we knew we could release it elsewhere in the world with confidence. The Dutch audience has very good taste and isn’t afraid to give their opinion. Indeed, we’re not the only international artists who think this way about you Dutchmen. There are several others who give their record a try in Holland first. If we ever will continue with ABBA again, you will undoubtedly be the first ones to know about it.”


Anonymous said...

Funny article especially since Agnetha was much more succesful in The Netherlands than Frida...but then again...this article was printed in a gossipmagazine...and we all know they make up stories..

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is it was Frida who has always been willing to do something with ABBA or its members. And she did. Wasn't that Frida who asked B&B to write a song for her in 1984? Wasn't that Frida who sang on Benny's first solo album? Wasn't that Frida who wanted Agnetha on Djupa andetag? Wasn't that Frida who represented ABBA at Queen Silvia's 50th Anniversary Gala?...

Wake up, guys, Frida has NEVER been the one against the reunion but there are 'the other three who are not motivated' as she said in 2005.

One thing in this article is true though - it is Frida who has always been the most successful international artist of the four.

Michel said...

Let's not take some of these articles too seriously. Very often, magazines just make up a story to go with a picture.
Around the time that this article was published, Frida stated in several interviews that she would love to record another album with ABBA, so that's the opposite of what this article claims.

When it comes to the Dutch chart success of the ladies' solo careers, my perception has always been that it was quite identical. Their first international releases were big hits in Holland. After that, chart success started to fade and neither of them managed to get into the Dutch top 10 anymore.
It's true that Agnetha has had more albums and singles in the Dutch charts, but that's simply because she released four international albums and Frida only two, so that's no comparison.