Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pop Foto, November 1980: Pop Foto attended the big ABBA-party

An article from Dutch magazine Pop Foto about the photo session for the Super Trouper album cover, taking place on October 3, 1980, the same day that recording sessions for the song Super Trouper commenced. It was a busy day for ABBA, since scenes for their new music videos were shot that evening as well.
A huge, colourful circus... That’s how everyone that had been attending described the party that ABBA threw recently. And indeed, Pop Foto ascertained that Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Bj√∂rn and Benny had gone to great lengths to entertain their guests!

The employees of the Polar Studios were having enormous fun in the afternoon already. Because from miles around Stockholm, recruited circus artists gathered together with their animals and their equipment, to assemble themselves in connection with the huge spectacle.
Trapeze artists, clowns, acrobats with horses, yes even fire breathers could be spotted there! A row of magnificent horses, enjoying the hay bales, was standing in the parking lot, where otherwise ABBA’s touring cars can be found. In the lobby, several clowns were having a gathering to define their strategy...

In the evening, large numbers of friends and associates of the ABBA-members, who arrived in carriages, came pouring in, mostly dressed up with wigs and masks! Among the persons present were the next of kin of the group and the Swedish singer Tomas Ledin. During the party, pictures were being taken for the new album sleeve and recordings were made for the new ABBA promotional film.

Pop Foto was there as well and in the next issues you can expect to see more beautiful pictures. Eventually the party, that lasted until the break of dawn, came to an end when the horses, that had stayed in the studio during the proceedings, couldn’t hold up their natural droppings any longer...
An expensive party, but this world famous group could afford it. Did you know that ABBA, at the moment busy with television performances all over Europe, is popular in China as well, even to the extent that a tour is being considered?

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