Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Joepie, 1978: ABBA is finally ready for a holiday!

A Belgian article, revealing ABBA's plans for the year 1978.
The entire ABBA-family has packed their bags and left for their private island for a while, with a bunch of fresh ideas. Now that it has become certain that they won’t do any tours or performances this year, they immediately decided to take some time off. For the first time since they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, they are hoping to be able to take a real holiday as well. Benny and Frida have decided to go to Spain, while Björn and Agnetha will probably prefer a quiet stay on their island with their children.
Obviously, the business machine around ABBA remains on stream in the meantime. Stig Anderson and Björn and Benny have decided not to go on tour this year because they primarily want to focus on the American and Japanese recording industry.
“Up till now, there haven’t been any real American or Japanese plans, because we were concentrating too much on our success in the rest of the world,” is what Björn told us on the phone recently. “However, our recent singles have all made the top 30 and our latest album has been received quite well. So it’s high time for us to start paying more attention to these huge markets in show business.”
Although Björn and Benny were planning to spend some time daydreaming during their stay on the island, they can’t stay away from music. They’re already very busy working on a new album, that will be released even this year.
“Our fans have a right to this album, since we won’t be performing this year,” according to an ever-optimistic Björn.
And while we are giving our best regards to the entire family, he asks us if we already knew that ABBA is getting extremely popular in Russia.
“On the black market, an ABBA-album is already worth 150 American dollars,” he smiles contentedly.

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