Monday, 15 November 2010

Bravo, 1981: Anni-Frid: I regularly read my horoscope

It’s difficult to say what I would have become if I hadn’t been a musician. Ever since I was seven years old, singing has been the centre of my life, and I already sang in school and church choirs when I was a child.
That’s why a lot of subjects bored me in school although I was a very good pupil. When I turned sixteen, music was taking priority. And that’s how it has been ever since. If I could live my life again, I wouldn’t change a thing, including all the mistakes. Because up till now life has been very good to me. Why would I do it differently?
I believe that I have changed to my advantage in recent years, although I think it’s very difficult to judge my characteristics and be honest at that.
Basically, I’m a peaceful and friendly person. Only every now and then I fly off the handle. When I was younger, this happened more frequently. Now, I’ve become a little quieter and I’m more in control of myself, so that such outbursts only happen occasionally.
I have realised that all the problems in this world would be solved if the people would finally learn to live in peace with each other. The worst thing in the world today is that there is always a war going on. I feel very sorry for drug addicts as well. They must be very unhappy people that don’t have any goal in life or don’t have anyone to give them inner stability.
Where I am concerned, I smoke a cigarette every now and then, mostly when I’m at work or when I feel stressed, but not every day. Every now and then, I have a glass of wine or champagne, but not regularly.
I don’t rely on fashion, although I am rather vain and I do follow the latest trends. But this has changed in recent years as well. I used to be a slave to fashion. Now I’m more critical and whenever something doesn’t suit me I leave it be.

Despite the discipline and love for my profession, I sometimes long for a day off. Then there’s nothing better for me than to forget about every chore and cooking as well and simply hang around and maybe read a book. Then I would allow myself to have some pieces of chocolate. I simply love chocolate, but I can’t eat it because I have to watch my slender figure. However, having snacks is part of a perfect day off for me.
I’m often asked what’s the most important thing in a relationship, according to me. My answer is quite simple: always telling each other the truth, being honest and loving each other. The worst thing is envy. That destroys every relationship.
Speaking of love: one of the most beautiful tokens of love was given to me last Christmas by my daughter. She had made a clay sculpture of me: a woman with long red hair that had her mouth wide open, that should be me. It really was very, very nice.
What else pleases me? When it comes to music, I especially love the group Earth, Wind & Fire and I play their songs constantly. Two years ago, I met them too, when we both performed at the Unicef concert. Apart from that, I like the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.
When I’m being asked if I believe in God, I can only answer that I’m convinced that there is a higher power, but I can’t define it. I feel the same way about horoscopes. I read them regularly, although I would never base any decision on them.
I rather rely on something real. For instance, you can see that from the things that I would take with me to a lonely island. That would be a man, my children and a boat. It would be enough for me when I would have something to eat as well. And I would also pack matches – not for cigarettes but to be able to light a fire.


Monica said...

Very interesting insight about Frida if this is a true article. Thank you for translating these articles.

Ellie said...

Very interesting and honest article. thank you very much for translating and posting! :)))

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