Saturday, 22 January 2011

Aftonbladet, October 1979: Thank you and goodbye America -Now we have to conquer Europe again

This article from Aftonbladet – published in October 1979 – was sent to me by Johan from Sweden and he was even kind enough to translate parts of the article. Thank you, Johan!
Agnetha in Salming’s shirt.
The big adventure for ABBA in the USA and Canada is over. Last night they performed their last concert in Maple Leaf Garden in Toronto. When it was time for the group to perform the encore, they appeared on stage in the local ice hockey team Toronto Maple Leaf’s shirts, to the delight of the audience. Agnetha had number 21 which was the Swedish player Börje Salming’s shirt. Stikkan Anderson told Aftonbladet that it has been a nice tour. But now everything is about conquering Europe all over again.

ABBA is on their way home from their tour in Canada and the USA. The final show was performed last night in Maple Leaf Garden in Toronto where they sang the final song wearing ice hockey shirts. Agnetha Fältskog reminded everyone in the audience about more famous Swedes in Canada except for ABBA when she appeared on stage wearing hockey professional Börje Salming’s shirt, number 21. After the show, there wasn’t any champagne or celebration. ABBA has started the final countdown for their next big challenge - conquering Europe all over again.

“It has been a great tour, bigger and better than we had imagined in our wildest dreams,” Stikkan says to Aftonbladet. “We could have chosen larger venues in some cities, for example Chicago and New York, where the demand for tickets was very high. Our new album ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 2’ will be released in America in November and I think that album will increase the number of record sales in the country. Because of the tour, our album ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 1’ is now back in the charts again. Before we came here, that album was dead.”


Monica said...

Nice article I am glad overall the tour was a success for them. Too bad about Washington D.C. being cancelled due to the bad flight.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article also love the Agnetha pic never seen before thankyou for all your wonderful articles...........


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