Sunday, 6 February 2011

Story, March 1978: Eat yourself slender with ABBA

Nothing is more annoying than having to go on stage in clothes that are too tight, according to the members of ABBA. And still this was happening lately. Agnetha told Story what the group is doing about this imminent overweight.

“Did you really think that we can keep our weight by singing, dancing and travelling around the world?” Blonde Agnetha is laughing derisively. “I wish it was true!” she continues. “It may be true that we are leading an exhausting life but opposed to that is the fact that all four of us love delicious food. For instance, when I think about smörgåsbord, it makes my mouth water. All those delicious fish and meat snacks. You know,” she says confidentially, “Frida can eat whatever she wants, the lucky girl. But whenever I eat tasteful things, it immediately ends up here!” Her hands brush past her hips, rear and thighs.
Then, smiling cordially: “Journalists always kindly write that I have a sexy behind, but this simply means that I am too fat in that area. When Björn and Benny read that, they immediately say: ‘we have to start watching our weight again, girl!’ And with ‘our’ they mean themselves too, because by that time they have already felt their waistband getting tighter. And there is nothing more annoying than having to perform in too tight costumes.
Then Agnetha starts going through her handbag. Eventually, she digs up a wrinkled piece of paper. “Look,” she says, “this is our clever diet. A thousand calories diet, wherein 25 calories count for one point. Every day you are allowed to – or rather: you have to – get 35 to 40 points. The good thing is that you can compile your own menu and you are able to eat pastry every now and then! We have compiled a couple of favourite menus for our diet days and you are free to publish them if you want,” she says generously.


Anonymous said...

I had this terrible premonition always - eating makes you fat - I see when I look down on me. But now I have the crumpled paper from Agnetha here as a new edition.

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