Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pop Biz, 1979: Never before had ABBA been this good..., but still...

ABBA’s major super tour has been completed and we have been able to enjoy a successful concert at the Ahoy hall in Rotterdam. Everybody who has seen the concert agreed with us: never before had ABBA been this perfect and convincing.

Björn, Agnetha, Benny and Anni-Frid’s show was sensational and the fans were very appreciative and cheered their idols on. Not a single movement, not a single sound and not a single stunt had been left to chance. The entire show had been rehearsed to the smallest detail and even the critical music journalists had to admit that ABBA delivered the most perfect, maybe even the best concert of the year.
The whole tour cost more than two thirds of its receivings. But manager Stig Anderson doesn’t mind. The important thing is that the costs have been covered. Because the record sales benefit from a tour. When it comes to that, ABBA can rest assured that they will earn back all their expenses.
Fifty people travelled along with the group. Musicians, backing singers, technicians, a hairdresser and also a lady who took care of ABBA’s wardrobe. Apart from that, the group had rented the most expensive sound equipment in the world from an American company. For the impressing price of 10.000 dollar per night!

The tour was very exhausting and no one was allowed to come near the group. Only family members, acquaintances and friends. To arrive everywhere in time, ABBA travelled with their own super modern private jet, equipped with a telephone, a colour TV, a stereo system and a large bar. Björn: “Otherwise we would not have been able to cope with it all.”
Björn had brought along his girlfriend Lena Källersjö on this tour. “She helped me a great deal,” he revealed. “Without Lena, it would have been far more difficult for me.”
And Agnetha? “Agnetha and Lena have a very good understanding,” he claims. “They have become real friends. Otherwise I would never have brought Lena along...”
But still... “Agnetha was very lonely,” a good friend of hers revealed to us. “She didn’t want to give that impression, but that’s how it was. Every time I was alone with her, she poured her heart out. She missed the feeling of belonging to someone.
Anni-Frid belongs to Benny, Björn belongs to Lena now. She was all alone. In former times, she was able to discuss all her problems with Björn and ask his advice. Now she had to make her own decisions. Something she has been wanting to do for years. But now she realizes that it has disadvantages as well...”
But one thing is for sure: the tour was a bang on target for little Linda, Agnetha and Björn’s daughter. Because this was the first time that she could come along. She had a great time together with Stig Anderson’s little daughter. The highlight was their visit to Disneyland in America. Something she will never forget. “I wish we could be in America more often,” she sighed. Maybe her wish will come true, because meanwhile America is at ABBA’s feet as well. Agnetha was happy too that her daughter was present. “I’ve never had this much fun with her,” she said. “Next year, Linda will start school and then she won’t be able to come along anymore. But then I want to stay home more often. I’ve made her that promise. In the end, she will be needing me then.” That’s certainly true. But Agnetha needs someone too. Someone who really cares about her, who loves her. Her relationship with Swedish ice hockey player Lars has ended and that has hurt her very much. Let’s hope that she will find someone else soon.


Monica said...

Nice article and pictures. Thanks Michel

Megan said...

Nice article. Thanks, Michel. Just out of curiosity, though, do you have any articles from 1973 or earlier? I'm just curious!

Michel said...

Thanks for commenting! As far as I know, the oldest articles I have are from 1974.

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