Thursday, 25 August 2011

Popcorn, 1978: ABBA brings you luck

"No other group in the world has had as much luck and success as we have had in the last three years," Anni-Frid admits. From 'Waterloo' up till 'Name Of The Game', ABBA has been able to score hit after hit. And the latest single 'Take A Chance On Me' is on its way up the charts as we speak. Not even the Beatles have had so many hits in a row in their heyday.
What's the secret of ABBA's success?
"Hard work, diligence and talent are the foundations of our career," Agnetha says, "but luck is an important factor as well. Something that we have never revealed until now: our lucky charms are two parrots..."
They are housed in a huge cage in the middle of the ABBA headquarter in Stockholm: red Dolly and yellow Oliver. Two years ago, friends of Björn and Agnetha brought them as a housewarming gift for the new ABBA office. And since then they have been part of the four Swedes' staff.
When Dolly screeches 'Abbbaaa' vociferously, it can even be heard in the office of manager Stig Anderson. Oliver is a little more quiet, but instead he likes to bite visitors in their nose. Benny has even been tweaked by Oliver a couple of times, while playing with him.
"Still we would never give them away," says Benny. "To us, they are some kind of mascots."
To show their gratitude, ABBA would like to give away a couple of funny lucky charms to their German fans: 100 brightly coloured, hilarious parrots - not living parrots but super specimens from the plush zoo - will be raffled among the Popcorn readers.
Agnetha: "That should give some comfort because we won't go on tour this year. These parrots are so sweet, that one can't do anything else but love them. And apart from that - as you can see with us - they bring you luck!"
Who wants to have a cuddly parrot from ABBA? Just write a postcard with the name 'ABBA' on it to: Popcorn, Werinherstr. 71, 8000 München 90. The deadline is March 10, 1978.


Anonymous said...

Never heard this story??????????

Edit said...

Thank you so much for sharing this article. My favourite session is the parrott session.This pic is new for me. The story is so cool.Edit

Monica said...

I was thinking the same thing as Anonymous just said...I have never heard this story before. I have heard that when they were getting the shots set up that they heard a voice talking not saying very nice things and when everyone was looking around for who was saying these things they soon realized it was the parrot talking.

George said...

This magazine probably had some empty pages to fill. I can't explain otherwise why such silly and, to put it bluntly, downright stupid concoctions about parrots and the Swedish pop group were even published.

Michel said...

Dutch magazine Pop Foto printed its own version of a silly story centred around one of the pictures from this session (see 13 September 2008 entry).
In their version, the ABBA members were scoffed at by the parrots...

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