Sunday, 23 October 2011

Popcorn, 1978

Everytime when ABBA needs new photographs, the telephone rings at the home of Munich star photographer Bubi Heilemann (32). His pictures of ABBA are going all around the world. From the latest session, Popcorn brings you the most beautiful pictures and on top of that we reveal some great news...

What happens when ABBA takes a holiday.
For ten straight weeks ABBA has taken a holiday during the past summer, before they went back into the studio in the middle of September to record the new album. What the four Swedes have done together: they went horseback riding (Björn: "We got this idea while we were shooting our movie"), they played tennis (Anni-Frid is the best player at that) and they paid a visit to their island near Stockholm. Agnetha and Björn spent their entire vacation there and together with their two children they lived in the block house, where most ABBA hits were composed up till now. Anni-Frid and Benny spent four weeks on their new boat, a large sailing ship from the model called 'Chris Craft Daycruiser'. Before that, Benny had taken a sailing course, so that he could play the captain himself. Benny: "That was really demanding. I had to study astronomy and maths, just like in school!"

Why ABBA changes clothes so often.
Sometimes sexy, sometimes gimmicky - ABBA constantly comes up with new ideas for costumes. Agnetha reveals the reason for that: "Privately, we are completely normal; that's why we like to dress up in outrageous clothes on stage. Without some glitter, we would simply look too plain." The picture on the left with ABBA dressed up in twenties style has remained a secret up till now - it's related to the upcoming ABBA musical. Anni-Frid: "But I definitely feel much better in tight mini costumes..."

How much Björn is fond of his children.
On every visit to a foreign city, Agnetha and Björn disappear for a couple of hours. Whoever is looking for them, can be sure to find them at the largest toy shop in the area. Because from every trip, they bring back toys for their children Linda and Peter Christian. Agnetha: "Björn is even worse than me. He is so fond of his children, that he spoils them way too much."

How they like to travel.
A boat or a private jet - those are ABBA's favourite means of transportation. In Stockholm - that's interveined by canals - the car is often replaced with a boat. For their rare television performances, ABBA fly themselves in with a rented plane, so that they can get back home the same night. Agnetha: "I prefer to sleep in my own bed!"

What this picture reveals...
A secret meeting between Anni-Frid and her father Alfred Haase, who was long presumed to be dead. Since they met each other for the first time last year, they saw each other regularly - always on Anni-Frid's invitation. The ABBA singer claims: "Everytime when I see my father I'm excited like a little girl. It was all such a big surprise for me. I have less problems on the telephone - that's why I call my father as often as possible."

Why Anni-Frid often likes to play the comedian.
It happened during the photo shoot for our poster: Anni-Frid suddenly put her hand under her shirt and played the sex bomb. It also happens during live performances that Anni-Frid always manages to get all eyes on her with her wild gimmicks. The reason why ABBA's brunette likes to play the comedian? Very simple: she's a little envious of blonde Agnetha who is usually ABBA's 'hot girl' with fans and journalists. Added to that, privately Anni-Frid is by far the wildest of the two girls. Looking like she does, Anni-Frid really doesn't need to steal the show from her blonde colleague. At least, the competitive battle between both ABBA girls has improved; after there had been lots of arguments during the last tour, now they've called a truce...


Anonymous said...

Great article! Thank you!

Monica said...

Yes great article except for the very last sentence saying they have called a truce between them. They just had to throw in some controversy there?!! Thanks Michel for translating these articles.

Angela said...

interesting article except for the last bit I think Frida just liked to have a bit of fun on stage.

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