Sunday, 1 January 2012

Das Freizeit-Magazin, November 1977: Everyone is waiting for the ABBA baby

"This can only be a boy," Agnetha smiles amusedly while rubbing her big belly. "The way he is kicking already!" Husband Björn rather seems quite nervous next to the beaming ABBA girl. "Gradually the time is coming to pack some suitcases," he reminds his wife. The bed in the Stockholm hospital, wherein little daughter Linda already was born, has been booked for the beginning of November.

But there's still no reason to panic for Agnetha. The doctors expect the date of delivery to be in the middle of November. So there are still almost two weeks to go. Agnetha smiles happily: "I feel wonderful and I always feel very happy when the baby starts kicking in my tummy. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a sturdy boy. Then Linda will have her desperately desired little brother."
Although the mother to be is feeling great, Agnetha is still packing her suitcases because she registered herself at the Stockholm hospital this week already.
"The doctor that assisted with Linda's birth as well advised me to," Agnetha explains. "Linda's birth wasn't exactly easy. But that doesn't mean necessarily that the next delivery will be complicated too, but it's still better to not take any risks. We are looking forward to the baby with anticipation, whether it's a boy or a girl."
After Linda's birth, Agnetha was depressed for several months. "I really had a guilt complex because I left my daughter alone so often. When I came home and she didn't recognize me immediately, I had several crying fits." The blonde ABBA girl has learned her lesson: "After the delivery, I will have plenty of time for both our children."
Does that mean the end of the group? Björn denies: "The baby break hasn't harmed us either. Our fans haven't given up on us yet. And financially? We have made millions the past few years. Most of that has been collected by the government as taxes, up to 85 percent. If we would make less money, the government would be the greatest victim. But we don't worry about that. The group will go on singing. Agnetha will withdraw from a couple of other professional assignments. But the most important thing now is that both Agnetha and the baby will get through the delivery safe and sound. The Freizeit-Magazin is keeping its fingers crossed!


Monica said...

Awe very sweet story and lovely pictures. Thanks Michel Happy New Year everyone!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year also from me to you Michael!
And thanks for all articles in past and future :o)

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