Saturday, 21 April 2012

Das Freizeit-Magazin, 1978: I brought ABBA gold

Our popularity poll '78: the gold Freizeit-Magazin for ABBA. Reader Bruno Pfister (18) from Switzerland brought the super trophy to the Swedish stars in Stockholm. Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid were impressed: "A big thank you to all Freizeit-Magazin readers. This award is awesome!"

For weeks, Bruno Pfister from Bern couldn't think about anything else but the presentation of the 'Gold Magazine' to ABBA. He had scored this super prize with our popularity poll '78 and - as the only one from thousands of contestants - was allowed to fly to his favourite stars in Stockholm.
This year, you have voted ABBA as your favourite pop group again - in first place! Last year, the pop couples had to settle for the 'Bronze Magazine' - in third place!
"That's right - 1978 has been our most successful year," Benny stated when Bruno presented the newlywed husband with the glittering trophy. Although meanwhile all kinds of awards belong to ABBA's daily routine, they were particularly happy with our 'Gold Magazine'. Frida: "This proves to us that we have a loyal fanbase in Germany. And for us it's good to know that the teens are sticking with us." Bruno has been a loyal fan of the group for years. At home he has collected every newspaper article in a large binder. And it's safe to assume that he knows everything about ABBA by now. Still the shy young chap - who works as an office clerk in Bern - had some burning questions to ask.
Why did Benny and Anni-Frid finally get married?
Benny: "Actually, we have wanted to tie the knot for years. But we simply didn't have the time due to our busy schedule. And apart from that we were happy without a marriage certificate as well. But now we have decided that our private life should be more important than working on the new album. And oh well, now we just got married."
Would you ever consider quitting the music business?
Björn: "Of course it's possible that there won't be an ABBA for the next twenty years. But then we would probably continue as duos or maybe on our own as well. Either way, we will never quit making music. For that matter, there are no plans for us to split up!"
When saying goodbye, Bruno was happy and sad at the same time. Our winner: "It's a pity that everything is over already. But wait until I tell my friends about this..."


Monica said...

What a nice story and what a memory for that young man.

Michel said...

Yes, from the looks of it the meeting took place at Benny and Frida's home.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is a user of our forums today?

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