Wednesday, 13 June 2012

1977: Those were the days!

Did you know that Benny was already collecting gold records in the sixties, and that Anni-Frid was already on stage at the age of eleven?

"Actually, we have too little time to rummage around in memories!" Anni-Frid says with regret. "But when we start taking out old pictures, then it is guaranteed that we burst into a big laughter."
"Can you imagine Björn with a short haircut?" Agnetha grins while she shows a picture from Björn's childhood. In those days he performed with three other college boys as the Hootenanny Singers.
"I was already on stage when I was only eleven years old," Anni-Frid remembers. "I was performing a jazz number at a charity event. It's a shame that there aren't any pictures of that occasion." But the ABBA girl is proud of another picture. "I always wanted to have a happy family because I grew up as an orphan."
She shows a picture of herself with her first husband Ragnar. Today, she has completely come to terms with the fact that this marriage came to an end. Anni-Frid: "Now I have Benny and that's the best thing that could happen to me."
And Benny's favourite photograph from his past? "In the old days, I played with the Hep Stars. In the sixties, we were the most popular group in Sweden." And he shows his picture: "This is when we just got our fourth gold record. At the time I was extremely proud of our success."

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Yes very nice memories. :o)