Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bravo, 1979: A new love with ABBA

For the first time, Björn showed his new girlfriend Lena in public. And there were rumours about Agnetha that she has a new boyfriend and is expecting a baby...

This year, on the ABBA tour, Björn could almost constantly be seen with a girl by his side, who looks almost exactly like Agnetha. It's his new girlfriend Lena Källersjö. During ABBA's concerts, the 29-year-old Swede was sitting behind the amplifiers on stage or she waited for Björn in the dressing room. Whenever he had to give an interview or prepare for the concerts, she was patiently reading a book, until he had some time for her.
Björn knows Lena - who is working as a secretary at a record company - for almost a year now. It all started shortly after Christmas 1978, when Agnetha had moved out of their common residence permanently.

"Lena and I met each other by coincidence at a mutual friends' New Year's Eve party. It was love at first sight," says Björn. Soon after that, Lena already moved into Björn's home in Lidingö. Since then he barely wants to make a move without her.
Björn: "At first, I only wanted to bring Lena along on the American leg of our tour. At first I believed that I could get along without Lena for the rest of this giant tour. But when we performed in Munich, I craved so much for her that I begged her to come over immediately."
What is actually Agnetha's opinion about all this, that Björn is bringing along his new girlfriend on their tour? Isn't she just a little bit jealous?
Agnetha: "Why would I? Even when I have spend a wonderful time together with Björn, my marriage to him is history. Why wouldn't I grant him his happiness? Apart from that, Lena is a very nice girl. During our tour, I even went out to dinner together with her and Björn a couple of times. Our children Linda and Christian get along great with Lena as well."

Despite all this bliss and contrary to several rumours, Björn and Lena are not thinking about getting married yet. They want to take some time before that.
Lena, who has been married before too, says: "I'm happy with Björn, even without a marriage licence. Apart from that, we have to find out if we are compatible in everyday life too. Because ever since we met, Björn has been working like a madman. Actually we haven't had the time for a true private life just yet."
Agnetha gave rise to hot speculations on this tour as well. Several concert attendees believed to recognise that a bit of a tummy was developing underneath her skintight stage outfit. And that was all it took to assume that Agnetha was pregnant.
"Complete nonsense," Agnetha denies, "if I was having a baby, I would be the first to know. Apart from that, I couldn't imagine who should be the father."
But the premature speculators even have the answer to that question. On this tour there was a man with whom Agnetha was very affectionate. Often she could be seen backstage in the dressing room in an animated conversation with Mats Ronander, the guitarist in ABBA's backing band. A little smile during the soundcheck that was aimed at only him fuelled the rumours. And during the concert at the Olympic Hall in Munich, she stroked his hair tenderly, when she thought she was unobserved.

When asked if Mats is her new boyfriend, Agnetha however shakes her head. But her answer is less convincing: "We like each other and I get along great with Mats professionally. But there's no talk about a friendship, let alone love. I don't know how things will develop between us. Maybe I won't see Mats ever again."
Despite everything, the fans still haven't given up hope that Agnetha and Björn will get back together again one day. When you see them standing next to each other on stage peacefully, it's hard to believe that they don't have anything to say to each other privately anymore.
But Björn doesn't see any chance for that to happen: "We have drawn a line under our marriage. The only connection we still have are our two children Linda and Christian. Apart from that it's not necessary to hate each other when you have separated. We are still friends, just like we were before."


Monica said...

Oh those darn rumors again, poor Agnetha!!

Angela said...

I must admit I was a bit shocked he took that woman on the tour, I guess Agnetha is more forgiving than I would be.

Anonymous said...

why shouldnt he? 'that woman' is now his wife and had been for 30 odd years so why should they sneak around? agnetha probally understood.

Anonymous said...

Although Agnetha actually left Bjorn, it was still very tacky for him to do so.

I always wondered if (even if he has been married to Lena since) Bjorn did it because he was upset with Agnetha for leaving him.

In the 2013 BBC documentary about Agnetha, he mentioned that a big part of their separation was because he was more into ABBA and his success than home life. While Agnetha wanted both, and looking at the hectic life they had right after winning the Eurovision in 1974, their marriage never had a chance to develop and mature, as it was just work.
Agnetha married young and felt trapped in the marriage after only a few years, as Bjorn was in control.
She needed to get out in order to stabilize her home life and that of her children.
At least, after their divorce and even now in 2013, Bjorn finally tells the truth about what caused the marriage to fail, and that he understood Agnetha better. Too bad he couldn't see it then. He sounded regretful in 2013.

Italia said...

Wow. That is the best explanation I've heard so far. It's really a very natural one also.

Italia said...
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