Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hitkrant, October 1981: ABBA is in good hands

No, we’re sorry, ABBA-fans: the new album still hasn’t been finished and we can’t share any news on the single either. But hard work is being put in at the studio at Stockholm’s St. Eriksgatan. Together with technician Michael B. Tretow, especially Björn and Benny are very busy putting the finishing touch to the new record and it’s common knowledge that an ABBA-album has to stand for perfection. ‘Opus 10’ has to meet that standard as well.

In the meantime, Frida, Agnetha, Björn and Benny have a private life as well, and for at least three of them this means they’re in good hands. After all the tribulation of the divorces and separations, Björn Ulvaeus has found happiness with his new wife Lena, Benny has found a girlfriend in TV-presenter Mona Nörklit and Agnetha is frequently spotted in the company of police inspector Torbjörn Brander.

Only Frida seems to be a bit of a misfit; rumours that the red-haired singer is suffering from depressions and is hardly leaving her house anymore are getting more frequent. In any case, it’s very seldom that she’s spotted at public occasions, where the other three often do appear.
Like recently, at the premiere of ‘Spök!’, a musical entertainment show by Swedish singer Björn Skifs. Lena and Björn, Benny and Mona and Agnetha and Torbjörn were all present at the renowned ‘Maxim’-theatre in Stockholm, to give their full attention to their colleague’s performance.

And in the meantime we keep on waiting for the new album ‘Opus 10’, that should be released in November, and the single. ABBA’s record company has informed the various distributors in all countries that a live-recording is available for single release, but obviously that doesn’t make much sense, because the announced ABBA live-album will not be released for the time being.
Quite rightly: it would only be in the way of ‘Opus 10’ and mistakes like that are not common in Stockholm. So there’s not much else to do than wait in anticipation until a new statement from the ABBA-camp appears.

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