Saturday, 30 August 2008

Pop Foto, November 1982: The 26 surprises of ABBA

An article from Dutch magazine Pop Foto, announcing the upcoming release of the album The Singles - The First Ten Years.
In November, a year has already passed since the release of the last ABBA-album ‘The Visitors’. Except for Frida’s solo-venture, we’ve heard very little from the foursome since then. Anyhow, that’s all going to change now.

The four ABBA-members didn’t exactly sit around and do nothing the past few months. Frida, for instance, has been very busy with her solo album ‘Something’s Going On’. Agnetha could be found on the set of a Swedish movie, in which she’s playing one of the leading parts. Apart from that, she recorded the song ‘Never Again’ with the Swede Tomas Ledin. And Björn and Benny? Since May, they’ve been busy day and night with activities for no less than two new ABBA-albums! “We have now finished a couple of songs for an album we want to release some time during 1983,” according to Björn. “‘Just Like That’ and ‘I Am The City’ are two of those titles.”

“Apart from that, we have written a new single that will be out in the shops just before our double album, that hopefully will be released at the end of November. That record will be full of ABBA-tracks, that have been released as a single the past ten years. There are only two new songs on there: the new single and another song. This all adds up to a total of twenty-six songs! You see, ABBA is still alive and kicking!”

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