Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Joepie, 1982: "It was wonderful working with Tomas"

“I felt as if I was involved in the start of my own career,” Agnetha says. “Since a year or so, I’ve been keen to let myself be heard in a different way than with ABBA’s work. The song that Tomas had lying on a shelf seemed to be an ideal opportunity to realize that dream.” A dream that came true. ‘Never Again’, the blonde singer’s first sidestep without the group became an enormous hit. Another golden record can be added to the trophy display cabinet. Still, this casual success means more to Agnetha. In this conversation, she reveals the true motive behind that plan.

Obviously, ABBA remains Agnetha’s most important trump card. Still, the good-looking singer likes to give new challenges a try. “Actually, Tomas is not completely new to this business,” Agnetha says. “He’s been working on his career for years already, but the definitive breakthrough hasn’t happened yet. Actually, he’s one of our employees. Anything that’s good for Tomas’ career, has a positive effect on our company as well. So it’s very natural for me to help him to get on the right track.”
That solo sidestep meant a breath of fresh air to Agnetha.
“When I heard the song, that Tomas needed a female voice for, it seemed like a unique opportunity for me to make my own mark on a production. With ABBA, Björn and Benny are obviously the ones who set out the musical direction. Working with Tomas was a true adventure for me, because I had more say in the matter. There wasn’t a stress-situation at all, like we experience with ABBA sometimes. As an artist, I couldn’t let that chance go by. This golden record proves that my gamble seems to have turned out right.”

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