Saturday, 13 September 2008

Pop Foto, March 1978: ABBA was being told off by a mysterious voice

Everything was set. Annifrid and Agnetha had made themselves comfortable in two big hammocks. Benny and Björn behind them. The photographer just wanted to point his unrelenting camera at the famous foursome, when suddenly a raspy, almost frightening sound filled the studio. “You sing out of tune! Bunglers!” it sounded in a squeeky voice. Everyone looked up dumbfounded. Where in heaven’s name did that mysterious voice come from?

It happened shortly before the birth of Agnetha’s son. ABBA gave a couple of photographers from around the world the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures, it would be the last opportunity for a long time to come. Our own pop-photographer got the chance as well to get ABBA in front of his camera. A unique opportunity. No wonder that he went to great lengths to make the most of it. Beautiful hammocks, enormous exotic plants. Lots of things were being dragged in. He even borrowed two colourful parrots at a local pet shop. The photo shoot was going very well, until suddenly that mysterious voice messed things up. “You sing out of tune,” it sounded, “bunglers.”
Agnetha and Annifrid were so startled, they almost fell out of their hammocks. Immediately, a scouting expedition was set out to find that non-musical intruder. They looked everywhere, but without results. Eventually, the photo shoot continued with much reluctance. The next day, our photographer took the borrowed parrots back to that pet shop. “Well?” the friendly retailer asked, “did they say anything?” “W-what do you mean?” The photographer looked at the retailer questioningly. “Well, that red one used to be owned by a choirmaster and he teached him several nice phrases.” “It depends on what you call nice!” the photographer stuttered...
ABBA soon forgot about the occurrence. After all, little Christian was born.

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