Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hitkrant, 1983: How I overcame my fear of marriage

By putting small ads in two of Stockholm’s biggest newspapers, Agnetha Fältskog has announced that she’s going to marry Torbjörn Brander. Three years ago, this Swedish security agent was appointed to protect the safety of the ABBA-singer’s two children. He is the man that has made Agnetha happy again and that she feels safe with. Because of Torbjörn she has overcome her fear of marriage.

When Agnetha divorced Björn Ulvaeus five years ago, tough times were ahead of her, despite the many ABBA-millions. The blonde singer was full of doubts because of her failed marriage and withdrew more and more from everyday life. She herself calls it the darkest period of her life. The many handsome men that were spotted in her company since then didn’t make her happy either. Agnetha was living just for her children. But coincidentally, love still sneaked into her life again in the shape of Torbjörn Brander, the police inspector that was responsible for Agnetha’s children.
“At first, there wasn’t talk of love,” Agnetha says. “But, during the time that my children were threatened continuously, I felt secure with Torbjörn. We became friends and he understood my problems. Our love has grown slowly.”

Friends of the police inspector are saying that Torbjörn Brander had set his sights on Agnetha two years before that. But despite his persistence, Agnetha wouldn’t consider a new marriage. She felt guilty about her failing relationship with Björn and was scared to death of a new commitment. Why is she willing to take that big step now?
“A lot can happen in a time span of five years,” Agnetha says. “Björn has happily remarried and I’m entitled to new happiness as well. Apart from that, I’ve never felt so good in the company of a man as I do now with Torbjörn. He also gets along wonderfully with my children, who have known him for three years, trust him and respect him. With Torbjörn, I’m awaiting a secure future.”

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