Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Muziek Expres, 1984: Agnetha is leaving ABBA

Actually, ABBA has not existed as a group for a long time now. Only in name, but the members of ABBA have been going their separate ways for quite some time. Björn and Benny as a writers duo and Agnetha and Frida as solo singers. Recently, the blonde Agnetha has said goodbye to the group officially.
“I want to concentrate even more on my own career,” according to the comment of the 34-year-old singer. “Apart from that, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the fact that I’m still regarded as a ‘piece of ABBA’. And I want to get rid of that. I’m simply an independent, working woman. Someone who wants to shape her own course. And ABBA prevented me from doing that.”
Indeed, when her career is concerned, everything is going Agnetha’s way. From her solo album ‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’, almost one and a half million copies were sold all around the world! Not a bad ‘start’...

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