Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Veronica, 1984: Platengala with many stars

A small article from Veronica magazine about the Dutch Platengala (at the time this was an annual event, promoting the record industry). Björn and Benny were there to promote Chess and Frida to promote her album Shine.
The recent Platengala attracted many international artists to our country. Especially the attendance of the Everly Brothers turned out to be a highlight of the evening.
The same could be said of Elaine Paige, a leading character from the ‘ABBA’ musical Chess. Also due to the fact that the composers of the musical, Björn and Benny from ABBA, had come to the gala, and ABBA-singer Frida did a solo performance, an extra sparkle was added to the evening. The ABBA-trio was only missing Agnetha. ABBA’s record company did go through some trouble to get the missing ABBA-member to Holland. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed. You will be able to see Elaine Paige live on October 29 at the Concerthouse in Amsterdam. There she will be the star in the musical Chess.

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