Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hitkrant, August 1982: Anni-Frid laments

A small report about the imminent release of Frida’s first international solo single. I remember the day it was premiered on Dutch Radio Veronica. I thought it was a very exciting and daring debut single and I still think the record has stood the test of time.
Tomorrow, August 6, ABBA’s Anni-Frid Lyngstad’s long-awaited single will be released, and like we reported already, the A-side will be called ‘I Know There’s Something Going On’, actually the title track of the album, since it was named ‘Something’s Going On’.
The B-side has now been announced as well, and that gave us a scare, because its title is ‘Threnody’, an English word that’s not used particularly often, which means ‘lamentation’ or ‘funeral song’.
What’s this? A funeral song on a single by a member of ABBA? We are just as curious as you are.

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Jen said...

Come on Frida.You're a real beauty who has beautiful outside and inside,and very talented.I love you.We love you.