Thursday, 4 February 2010

Privé, 1982: ABBA’s Benny as a ‘houseman’ with social security

Peacefully, multi-millionaire Benny Andersson (35) is strolling around with his little son Ludvig, while his wife, Mona Nörklit, is at work at the Swedish broadcasting company. When ABBA-star Benny divorced ABBA-singer Frida to get married to television presenter Mona, he promised himself to take things a little easier in the future. He even went as far as changing his profession. Benny is now a ‘houseman’ and receives, according to the Swedish law, a monthly allowance from social security!
While both ABBA-singers Frida and Agnetha have started successful solo careers, Benny is devoting himself completely to the baby.
For that matter, this wasn’t the first time that Benny Andersson became a father. This already happened when he was only sixteen years old and when he was eighteen, he got his second child. At the time, Benny was a member of the rather unknown Swedish group the Hep Stars. He almost doesn’t have any contact with these children. But Benny can spend as much time as he wants on Ludvig. And the Swedish government is even paying him for it...

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