Saturday, 5 June 2010

Das Freizeit-Magazin, 1979: Sleepless nights before the world tour!

It didn’t matter where they were – they came, sang and conquered. Only in America, the breakthrough didn’t happen immediately. Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid about the dismissal in the country that now is rewarding them with one of their greatest triumphs.

The Swedes revealed why they definitely wanted to be successful in the USA. How they feel about their success. What’s happening in their private lives. Why they are only doing five concerts in Germany.

Bad omens for ABBA’s super tour in America: Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid had never been truly on top of the charts – and every child knows that it’s a big risk to tour in the USA when one hasn’t reached the number one spot yet. Before the tour started over there, ABBA hadn’t nearly achieved the same level of popularity as the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton. Rocky Das Freizeit-Magazin talked to ABBA.
Why did you take the risk to go to America, under these unfavourable circumstances?
Björn: “When you want to be really big in the pop music industry, you have to be successful in America. Our records weren’t as successful in the States as everywhere else. Our only chance at becoming successful was taking a leap into the dark. We did everything we could to make our show as good as possible. We worked extremely hard on that. At times, we didn’t even sleep a wink due to stage fright. The excruciating nerves were the worst thing.”
How do you explain the current sensational breakthrough?
Benny: “I haven’t really thought about that yet. Probably, it’s the perfection that’s so spellbinding for the fans. Indeed, we even managed to get a reception in the White House. Anni-Frid gave Amy Carter, the president’s daughter, a golden necklace as a present. We had to cancel our concert in Washington, because Agnetha had to stay in bed with a heavy flu.”
Is the audience in America different, compared to Europe?
Björn: “Absolutely, when for instance you compare them with the people in Sweden. In Sweden, nobody says that a concert was great or that the stage outfits suited the show. The Americans aren’t afraid to show their feelings when they like something. That’s very impressing!”
Doesn’t your private life suffer on a lengthy world tour like this?
Agnetha: “It’s the first time that Björn and I are separated from our little son Christian (he is 18 months old) for such a long time. A separation like that isn’t easy. Apart from that, there are hardly any problems: I don’t have a new boyfriend that’s waiting for me. And I get along with Björn better than ever since we got divorced.”
Why are you only doing five concerts in Germany?
Anni-Frid: “If we would have to do the amount of shows to give all of our fans the opportunity to experience us live, then we would be touring for the next five years. That’s impossible.”
What will happen after the tour?
Benny: “Then it’s high time to make preparations for the next album. We will withdraw to compose new songs. Nobody knows how long that will take. Because we want to get better with every album and sometimes that can take more time. Apart from that, on October 29 the album ‘ABBA – Greatest Hits 2’ will be released in Germany. Our new single ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ will be included as well.”

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