Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hitkrant, 1978: ABBA album not before Christmas – Television takes preference

A small report from Dutch Hitkrant magazine about ABBA’s busy schedule and the delay of the release of the new album ‘Voulez-Vous’.
What’s that? And they promised! Yes, but ABBA is now far too busy to complete the recordings for the new album: on November 11, the group will be off to Los Angeles and from there they will travel to Tokyo, all for television performances and promotional purposes. After that, the four Swedes will go to England to record a Christmas television special.

Then they will get back to Sweden: recording sessions in their own studio, luckily they have a few days off over the holiday season and then, on January 8, 9 and 10, they are off again to New York, for the big Unicef gala, where the BeeGees will be the hosts of, among others, Olivia Newton-John, Andy Gibb, Elton John, Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow.

Then it’s back to Sweden, continue working on the new album. But not for long, because then ABBA has to get back to England again, for a one-hour-long television special called ‘Snowtime Special’.
This show will most probably be aired all over Europe around Easter, so that we will be able to see our four friends on our screens as well. In that show, they will perform five songs from their new album.

So it’s clear: there won’t be a new album before Christmas. Instead, a new single from the forthcoming album will be released around the middle of November. You will hear more about that very soon.
Still, every now and then you wonder how Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Björn and Benny are able to cope with such a hectic life!

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