Sunday, 26 September 2010

Das Freizeit-Magazin, 1975: Star portrait

Biography in short.
ABBA – since the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 this name stands for custom-made hits from Sweden. Because since their winning song ‘Waterloo’ things are steadily going upwards for the four good spirited characters. All four of them had already been working in the music business when they decided to continue as a quartet in 1972. Agnetha sang and composed, Björn and Benny had already gathered experience in other groups and Anni-Frid already was a popular singer and equally popular television star in her home country Sweden as well. So it’s no surprise that a supergroup has evolved from this combination of professionals. And privately they get along great as well. All four of them are living in a suburb of Stockholm and they mostly spend their scarce spare time on sailing.

A for Agnetha Fältskog. Born on April 5, 1950 in Jönköping. Equipped with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Agnetha is the wife at Björn’s side and she has a daughter, Linda (1 ½). She started a solo career when she was seventeen years old (‘I Was So In Love’).
B for Björn Ulvaeus. Born on April 25, 1945 in Göteborg. He founded a skiffle group at the age of eleven. After that he sang folk songs with the group Hootenanny (these days Björn is still involved in this studio group on the side).
B for Benny Andersson. Born on December 16, 1946. He started out in 1963 with the pop group Hep Stars. Together with Björn he composed numerous hits for other groups. In 1972, Benny and Björn founded ABBA.
A for Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Born in November 1945 in Norway. Hazelnut brown eyes and equally brown hair. She has already been a singer and television star from 1967 onwards.


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Nice article too bad they got Agnetha and Frida's birthdays wrong. But I guess getting the facts wasn't as important as getting a story then?

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